Gameover framework

This framework can be used to develop games or ui application based on LibGDX The code is developed with scala 2.11.12 and has dependencies with LibGDX 1.9.8 The code is available on Github

Use the framework

Jar and source are available on Sonatype repository. With maven, add dependency:


With gradle, add dependency:

dependencies {
    compile "io.github.gameover-fwk_2.11:gameover-fwk:0.2.6"

With SBT, add dependency:

libraryDependencies += "io.github.gameover-fwk" %% "gameover-fwk" % "0.2.6"


See Release notes for a list of changes between versions

Build framework and deploy on local repository

To build the framework, just run gradle task:

gradlew clean build

to publish on a local Maven repository, run:

gradlew publishToMavenLocal


The framework is under MIT License (MIT) The framework was created by Olivier MARTIN Authors and contributors are listed in file contributors.txt in the root of the project. Feel free to submit your Pull Request!